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Foveal develops and sells these products:

Foveal also sponsors the Tour de Sol Reports

The AutoAuditorium System

Foveal's AutoAuditoriumTM System is a fully automatic, multi-camera system for televising auditorium presentations.   Once installed in an auditorium or large meeting room, recording or telecasting any presentation given in that room is as simple as turning on a switch and hitting RECORD.   There are no other operator controls.   All the shot selections, video transitions, camera motion, focusing and zooming, are performed automatically.   The result is often indistinguishable from a program produced by a crew.

The system automatically tracks the lecturer (without that person having to wear or carry any target or mechanism), automatically makes video shot selections, and also automatically mixes audio from both the stage and the audience.

The output of an AutoAuditorium session is base-band video and audio, which can then be:

The AutoAuditorium system is distinguished by being:

The economy comes from the completely automatic operation of the system which follows the person giving the talk and and selects which of several images to show the remote audiences.

The design of the system is deliberately unobtrusive.   The person giving a presentation and the local audience are not distracted by bright lights, obvious cameras or television personnel.   Even people who are nervous about ``being on television'' quickly forget the cameras.

The system is permanently installed, and switching between normal auditorium use and Automatic Auditorium use takes but a few minutes.

The Automatic Auditorium fills the gap between face-to-face video teleconferencing and studio-based business television programming both in terms of capabilities and economies.   Meetings too big to hold in traditional video teleconferencing rooms fit naturally into a Automatic Auditorium setting.   Productions not important enough or complicated enough to justify the expense and the elaborate capabilities of a television studio or a field production crew become economical as Automatic Auditorium programs.

The system is ideally suited for any situation where a group of people come into a room and watch a presentation give by someone on a stage who uses projected visuals.

Some examples of such presentations are:

Foveal Machine Vision Camera Mounts

Derived from a need for a reliable mechanism to position a television camera precisely in all three axes (pan, tilt, and roll), and then lock those positions permanently, we developed the Foveal 3-Axis Rigid Camera Mount.  The mount has proved useful for applications other than AutoAuditorium Systems and other than mounting cameras and so is available separately.

Some potential customers of the 3-Axis Rigid Camera Mounts found they were too elaborate for their applications. So we created the Foveal 2-Axis Fine-Adjustment Camera Mount.  It is a less expensive, less robust, two axis mount that features fine adjustment and locking of the pan and tilt axes.

The product line has expanded to include some novel designs.  Foveal Machine Vision Camera Mounts

Foveal Sponsors the Tour de Sol Reports

Mike Bianchi, founder of Foveal Systems, is interested in electric vehicles.  From 1994 until the present he has been documenting the American Tour de Sol US Electric Vehicle Challenge in a series of Reports.  The name has changed some over the years, but the intent has been pretty much the same, namely to show that there are alternatives to gasoline and diesel fuels in internal combustion engines for transportation.  The first American Tour de Sol in 1989 had all solar-powered vehicles.  Battery electric, hybrid-electric, and alternative fueled vehicles have been added to the event over time.  The Tour de Sol Reports tell the stories of the vehicles and the people and organizations which create them.

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Where does the name FOVEAL come from?
The fovea is the most sensitive part of the eye, where we see with the greatest clarity. 
The Foveal Systems' products are based on computer vision technology, so . . .

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